dyed easter eggs.jpg

It’s the day after Easter and you’re making egg salad with the bounty of eggs your children found during the hunt. >>Please for the love of all things right, do not put those shells down the garbage disposal.<<

We have heard people say that eggshells will sharpen your disposal blades, but that simply is not true. Eggshells, especially put in the disposal in the quantity that calls for a proper egg salad can clog your pipes. The shells' stringy membrane layers can wrap around the shredder ring, and the shell itself will be ground to a sand-like consistency causing a clog. This clog is made WORSE by ANY presence of grease or sludge in the pipes. Save yourself a bit of hassle (and possibly some money calling a plumber out) and forgo putting the shells down the disposal altogether. If you’re like my wife, Bianca and like to run water as you peel eggs in the sink, try a strainer like this one on your drain to catch the egg debris. You can get a strainer like this at any home improvement store for a few dollars.